Move Smart With Repax

About Repax


Repax’s mission is to make your move as easy and affordable as possible, while minimizing your impact on the environment. Repax™ is the reusable packing system, which is revolutionizing the residential and commercial moving industry. At Repax™, we understand the hassle of time-consuming tasks that come with any move. Not only will Repax™ save you time during your move, we also lessen your carbon footprint by removing the tape, single use packing materials, cardboard boxes and other less sustainable products out of the moving equation using our patented reusable moving containers to transport your valuables safely.

Repax™ is the quicker, cleaner and cheaper alternative to moving with cardboard boxes. We save you time from having to jump from one dumpster to the next searching for cardboard boxes. We provide reusable crates, which hold up to 30% more than the standard cardboard box, used for moving. Repax™ will not only drop off everything you need for a successful move (including dollies) but we’ll pick it all up when you’re done unpacking at your new location!

Move smart with Repax™ and book us for your move today!

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