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No one likes to pack and at Repax™, we know that. We are determined to make each and every move easier for you and the environment. Our crates hold more weight than your traditional cardboard box, so you can pack more in less. Once the crates are full, simply stack them on your dolly and roll them away.

30% Larger. 300% Stronger.

Our Repax™ crates are 30% larger than the typical cardboard box used for moving. Our crates are also made of sturdy, heavy gauge reusable plastic to hold more. We deliver all crates and dollies to you sanitized with our ReFresh™ process and ready to use. Saving a total of up to 40% of potential truck space, and tons of assembly time, not to mention the germs that come with cardboard boxes.

Pack & Move. No Tape Required.

Repax™ will save you time no only in the sense that you won’t have to go dumpster diving for cardboard boxes and spending the time to look for them; once you set up your appointment we’ll have crates, larger than your typical box, at your door. Just pack and move and we’ll do the rest.

Save More Than 2 Trees and 105 Boxes With Your Next Move

On average people move about two rooms at a time and with that comes a lot of cardboard boxes and bubble wrap. At Repax™ we have the environmentally friendly solution to both – crates and biodegradable bubble wrap. Repax™ is here to help improve your moving process. Repax™ crates are not only cleaner than the average cardboard box but they are also larger and sturdier. Save more than 2 trees on your next two bedroom move.

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Smart Move.

You just saved $160.00, and some real ones too.

Smart Move.

You just saved 0 trees and 0 cardboard boxes from the landfill.